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Double Victory for Swiss superstar, Martin Fuchs, currently number two in the FEI Longines Rankings

Martin won the first Ranking class with ‘Viper Z’ and the 1.40 with ‘Zaffiro Blu Di Franciacorta’

Canadian rider Kara Chad, clocks up her second win so far in the 7 yr old class with ‘Gability Van de Eijkhof Z’and also takes second in the Ranking class with ‘Igor GPH’


Number two Longines Ranked Swiss rider, Martin Fuchs, may be young but his ringcraft shone today at the Andalucía Pre Sunshine Tour, which is sponsored by the Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte y and cofunded by the European Union.

With a foot perfect round Martin won today’s 1.45 Ranking class and also was top of the leaderboard in the 1.40 class. The Ranking class was held in the Milton arena and Martin was riding ‘Viper Z’ (‘Vigo D’Arsouilles STX’ x ‘Grannus’). The round was textbook to watch and the pair stopped the clock in 62.22 seconds, knocking the Spanish rider, Sergio Álvarez Moya off of the top spot. Sergio had taken an early lead in the class with ‘Charisma HS’ (‘Uriko’) but in the end he finished in third place, as Martin was not the only rider to beat his time of 63.72 seconds. Canadian rider, Kara Chad, who is based here over the winter, rode a very competitive neat round on the very fast ‘Igor GPH’ (‘Harley’ x ‘Crawford 5’), stopping the clock in 62.33 seconds to take second place behind Martin.


In fourth was Italian rider Luca Moneta with the consistent, ‘Chilli 41’ and in fifth was Dutch rider Rogier Linssen with ‘Dancing Nini Z’.


Martin Fuchs was also the winner of the second biggest class of the day, the 1.40. This time  he was riding ‘Zaffiro Blu di Franciacorta’, and stopped the clock in well over a second faster than Swedish rider Jacob Hellström with ‘Chuck Bass’. The next three placings were for Spanish riders, Ismael García Roque with ‘Halifax W’, once again, Sergio Álvarez Moya this time riding ‘Puma HS’ and Sira Martínez with ‘Ike’; in that order.


Anastasia Nielsen from Monaco was the winner of the 1.30 with ‘Buffy 53’, second was Luca Moneta and ‘El Capone RK’; third, British rider, Georgina Burchmore-Eames with ‘Kept Secret T’; fourth, Armando Trapote for Spain, riding ‘Diabla PS’ and in fifth was another British rider, William Walker with ‘Ustino’.


Spanish riders topped the 1.20 and the 1.10, Alba López Gómez with ‘Cantabria Infinita’ and Alejandra Botín with ‘Baccarat de Lasca’ resp’.


The results of the young horse classes were as follows: In the 7yr olds, Kara Chad repeated her win from yesterday, with ‘Gability Van de Eijkhof Z’, today they stopped the clock in 62.51 seconds which was more than two seconds faster than Jacob Hellström with ‘Charles’. British rider Daisy Mckinlay, who we haven’t seen here for a while, and told use she was very impressed with all the new improvements to the showground, came in third, riding ‘Donder Slage’.


Hungarian riders took the top two spots in the 6 yr old, 2 phase Sp, class. Rodrigo and Gyula Szuhai, with ’Carta Blue SZ’ and ‘Chachoontano SZ’ resp’. Swedish rider, Antonia Andersson , who is also based here at Montenmedio over the winter, was third with ‘Zoe Heart’.


There was a Spanish win in the 5yr olds from, Alejandro Fernández with ‘Sting V H Ruytinxbos’ and he also took third place in this class with ‘Nozem’. Sliding into second place was Finnish rider, a regular here at the Tour, Erika Hanhisuanto with ‘Ascalina D’Ive Z’.

20/01/2023   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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