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Jesús Garmendia with ‘Valut 2’ top of the podium in the Diputación de Cádiz GP

Jerome Guery with ‘Quality Star Z’ wins the 1.50 CSIO 3*

Spanish Jesús Garmendia Echevarría tots up another win here at the III Andalucía October Tour. He was riding the 13yr old ‘Valut 2’, who is by ‘Valentino 240’ x ‘Foxhunter’, to take top of the podium in the Diputación de Cádiz Grand Prix of the CSI2*, a Longines Ranking class.


There were 10 riders in the jump off, held in the Milton Arena. Jesus, stopped the clock in 38.97s with the Portuguese rider, Duarte Seabra and ‘HHS Washington’ taking second place in 39.56s segundos. Third was Stanislas De Malet for France, with ‘Gramyco Sitte’: fourth, German rider, Katharina Offel with ‘Cornet´s Pezi’ and in fifth another French rider, Maria Demonte with ‘Gentleman Riverland’.  Prizes were given out by the ‘Diputación Provincial de Cádiz’, Juancho Ortiz Quevedo.


The CSIO3* 1.50 2PH, Ranking class was held in the main grass arena, David Broome.  The winner was the world renown Belgian rider, Jerome Guery with ‘Quality Star Z’ (‘Quality Time’ x ‘Cash’) in 23.72s. In second place was Brazilian, Felipe Amaral with ‘Forpleasure de Moulin’ in 24.33s; third was, Canadian Kyle Timm with ‘Casino Calvin’; fourth, Norwegian, Ingrid Gjelsten with ‘Edgar M’ and fifth, Paris Sellon with ‘Attoucha’.


There was a Brazilian win and also third place, in the 1.45, with the top of the podium taken by Eduardo Pereira de Menezes with ‘H5 Virtuose D’Eole’ and Felipe Amaral in third with ‘Carisma’. Second was the current Spanish Championship and Olympic rider, Eduardo Álvarez Aznar, with ‘DPS Camelot’. Once again Irish rider, Niamh McEvoy wasn’t far off of the top spots, taking fourth with ‘My Diamant PD Z’ and again in the rosettes this time in fifth, was Ingrid Gjelsten with ‘Nevado de Toluca’.


There was a Spanish win in the 1.35, from Irene Mónica Horvath Jaume with ‘Ventura Mail’ stopping the clock in the second phase in just 34.44s. The rest of the results  were: Argentinian rider, Matías Álvaro with ‘Gucci’; Spanish, Miguel Honrubia with ‘Alto de Talma’; Swiss, Timo Heiniger with ‘Sterling Van de Hoealk Z’ and finally, Stanislas De Malet with ‘Hector de Laubry Z in fifth’.

Our other winners today were: Irish, Alice Wachman with ‘Tsunami’ in the 1.30; Dutch rider, Junyfer Prenger with ‘Halocia’ in the 1.20 and British rider, Lola Luchford with ‘Izar LB’ in the 1.10.


And lastly; Niamh McEvoy continues her domination winning the 6yr old class with ‘BP Wonder’.


That sums up the results here at the III Andalucía October Tour, for today. The Tour is sponsored by ‘la Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte’ and co-financed by the European union. Full results can be found on our web page and the Tour App.

Tomorrow we celebrate the highlight class of the Tour, the Andalucía Grand Prix, a Longings Ranking class and a 2024 Olympic Qualifier for the Paris games.

28/10/2023   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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