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Nicole Lockhead Anderson once again tops the podium in the 8yr old class with ‘Mecoblue PS’

275 horses have qualified for tomorrows’ Finals for the 5, 6 and 7 yr olds

British, Nicole Lockhead Anderson has once again flown to the top of the podium in the eight year old class riding the extremely consistent and really competitive ‘Mecoblue PS’, who is by ‘Messenger’ x ‘Chacco-Blue’.  ’Mecoblue PS’ has had brilliant results throughout the competition, coming in the top five on five occasions, including two wins.  This pair are hot favourites for the eight year old Final, which will be held this Thursday and so far has a total of 31 horses qualified.

In second place was German rider, Kendra Claricia Brinkop with ‘Quercus Van Den Oude EIK’, who is owned by the Stephex Stables, and who also has clocked up five clears far here at the show. 
Australian, Chris Burton was third with ‘Carly 14’ with Dutch rider, Aniek Diks and  ‘Qointreau Van’t Hoogeinde’ taking fourth.  Spanish Carlos Bosch Cebrián with ‘Jolie Van der Berghoeve’, was fifth.  The latter combination has also qualified for the Finals and is another favourite for the Final, with two wins under their belt in this class.


In the seven year olds, French rider,  Julie Anne Verneuil showed her talents for riding young horses by coming both first and second in her class with ‘Herika Du Luot’ and ‘Romantica de Rase’.  In fact there was a French top three in this class, with Alix Ragot and ‘Serafina DBH Z’ taking third. Fourth and fifth places went to Belgian riders, Ignace Philips de Vuyst with ‘Rembrandt Van Het Keysersbos’ and Leon Brutsaert with ‘Aruna DH Z’.


In the other seven years old class the Irish took the top three placings.  Sean Monaghan was first with ‘Tiberio Della Caccia’, followed by Bertram Allen with ‘Sir Dalton’ and Ivan Dalton with ‘Philly Fogarty’.  Third was Polish, Maksymilian Wechta with ‘Next One’ and fifth, Italian, Emanuele Camilli with ‘Conti’s Concert PS’.

Tomorrow 100 horses will take to the arena in the seven year old Final of the 30th Andalucía Sunshine Tour: the event is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of Andalucía, through Tourism and Sports of Andalucía.


In the first six year old class Polish rider, Adam Grzegorzewski was the winner with  ‘Enigma Z’; Dutch riders took second and third places, Dirk Rehorst with ‘Tirza Z’  followed by Philippe Houtackers with ‘Sagan V’. Fourth was Norwegian, Victoria Gulliksen with ‘Comme Dance EE Z’ and fifth, Irish, Shane Dwan with ‘IJump’.  In the second class the winner was Moroccan, El Ghali Boukaa with ‘Special Edition de Muze’; second was British, Tabitha Kyle with ‘Sing Z’, Bertram Allen was third with ‘Desperados’; fourth was British, Taio Strevett with ‘Bellini O.S’ and Carlos Bosch with  ‘Sempre Van de Berghoeve’ was fifth.

120 horses will compete in the six year old Finals tomorrow, some of the hot favourites with a tally of six clears are;  ‘News Flash VDL’, ‘Nykarlos’, ‘Nikora’ and ‘Tiger Lily’.


In the first five year old class Norwegian rider, Elise Aaserud Goehrs was the winner with ‘T Rex Prinseveld DSC’; Spanish,  Lorenzo Pradas Freira, was second with ‘Amira de Casavieja’; Nicole Anderson Lockhead, was third with ‘Chasalino PS’; Dutch rider, Sophia Loojenga was fourth with ‘Jimmy Blue’ and in fifth was Belgian, Thibault Vermeulen with ‘K Olympia Z’. 

In the second class the top four were British, the winner was Laura Mantel with ‘Lucky Madam’ and Laura also took third place with‘Chevy D’Or Z’.  In second was Stephen Lohoar with ‘Odyssey LSH’.  Maisy Williams following in her father’s footsteps, came fourth with ‘Tuinman Van de Lentamel’. Fifth was Dutch rider,  Sanne Thijssen with ‘Cosmiq Lilly’.

63 five year olds have the four clear rounds needed to qualify for their Final tomorrow.


The Finals will begin at 09:00 in arena 9 with the six year olds around a course set at 1.30.  At 11.30, the seven year olds will jump in arena 16, over a 1.40 course.  The five year old Final will be in arena 5 from 14:30 and will be set at 1.20.


All results may be found both on our Sunshine Tour App and the official website www.sunshinetour.net where you may also follow live streaming of all the arenas or alternatively you can watch online at Clip My Horse.  Entrance to the show is free, there are parking areas, a commercial zone and a choice of restaurants.

20/02/2024   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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