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Today is the second day of the Yo…

04/03/2020 News , Press releases

On the 2nd day of the 4th Week of the Sunshine Tour XXVI, there were some surprising results

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It’s the 4th week at the Sunshine…

03/03/2020 News , Press releases

After a weekend off, 486 Young Horses were fresh and ready to go today and they didn’t disappoint, clearly demonstrating their talents

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The Czech rider, Ales Opatrny se…

01/03/2020 News , Press releases

British riders finish off the week with a plethora of successes.

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Alberto Zorzi comes top of the Sm…

29/02/2020 News , Press releases

Lady riders take the top three in the Cooking Almadraba Trophy class

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Marcus Westergren wins the Clip M…

28/02/2020 News , Press releases

This qualifying class for Sunday’s Grand Prix had 91 entries

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A well deserved round of applause…

27/02/2020 News , Press releases

The Irish rider outclassed over 100 competitors in the CSI4* Big Tour Class

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