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Great Britain is proclaimed the w…

30/10/2021 News , Press releases

The event was sponsored by Victoria beer. From 20 teams, Brazil were second and Switzerland and Sweden tied for third place .

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Marek Lewicki is today’s victor i…

28/10/2021 News , Press releases

There will be 20 countries represented in the Nations Cup which will begin at 11:30h. Spain, the host country, will be 10th to go.

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Official Magazine October Tour 20…

26/10/2021 News , Press releases

We suggest a relaxing lecture and we hope you enjoy this special content we've created for you.

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Veni, vidi, vici. Alain Jufer onc…

24/10/2021 News , Press releases

On Thursday the 28th of October we are back with the last week of competition here. This will include a Nations Cup round, the Victoria Trophy, with 19 teams taking place! On Sunday to top off the week, will be the Suzuki Grand Prix.

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Brazil takes control in the Big C…

23/10/2021 News , Press releases

The showgrounds are open to the public so if you can, do come and watch the impressive 1.50m Grand Prix of Andalucia and see some of the top riders and horses in the world competing in the flesh.

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Alain Jufer sails around the trac…

23/10/2021 News , Press releases

The Irish here at the CSI3* cannot be underrated as they continue to take podium places across the board.

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