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News para la categoría Press releases

Nicole Lockhead Anderson and ‘Vog…

25/01/2024 News , Press releases

Luca Moneta has a great day; third in this class with ‘Knock Out’, and winning the 1.35 with ‘Chilli 41’

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German rider, Helmut Schönstetter…

21/01/2024 News , Press releases

and also the 7yr old class with ‘Elektric Explosion’

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Swiss, Edouard Schmitz and ‘Abdul…

20/01/2024 News , Press releases

Italian Luca Moneta wins the Small Grand Prix with ‘Dame Du Milon’

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‘Cartolana 2’ and Mel Thijssen, a…

19/01/2024 News , Press releases

Tomorrow we hold this week’s Ranking class and the Small Grand Prix

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Rumanian, Andrea Herck wins the 1…

18/01/2024 News , Press releases

Today we started nine weeks of competition, where more than 2,000 riders and 3,500 horses from 60 countries will take to the arenas at Montenmedio

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His Majesty Felipe VI, Honorary P…

16/01/2024 News , Press releases

More than 2,000 riders and 3.500 horses, from across 60 countries will participate here at the Dehesa Montenmedio, over nine weeks of competition, including the highest international level with six Olympic Qualifier, Grand Prix classes

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