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Jesús Bamonde Bermúdez and ‘Caporal D’Elle’, win the first qualifier round of the Campeonato Absolut

Sira Martínez riding ‘Mano Negra Van de Bucxtale’ and Ismael García Roque with ‘Gaudí’ complete the podium in a competitively fast class

Diego Ramos took the top of the podium in the Jóvenes Jinetes; Luis Ortiz in the  Clásico 1.40m; Carola Pont Vallés in the 1.30m; Izaro Martínez in the  1.20m ; Álvaro González de Zárate in the 7yr olds and Pablo Moralejo was the winner in the 6yr olds


The Campeonatos de España de Salto de Obstáculos (Spanish Showjumping Championships) are being held all this week at Dehesa Montenmedio and today was the busiest day of jumping so far. Jesús Bamonde Bermúdez de Castro took the win in the first qualifier round of the Absoluto (Absolute Championship) with ‘Caporal D’Elle’, who is an 11yr old mare by Cabri D’Elle.  They had the fastest round of the day today in the David Broome, grass arena, around testing course set at 1.50m.  The pair stopped the clock at 75.45sbut they actually had a pole  down and this, added to their time, gave them an overall score of 79.45s which was still enough to win the class! Sira Martínez Cullell with ‘Mano Negra Van de Bucxtale’  (Mylord Carthago x Concorde) took second place in 80.13s with Ismael García Roque, who is the current Spanish Champion(Campeón de España), in third in a time of 80.76s with ‘Gaudi’ (Numero Uno x Faschingsprinz 1).  These latter two had the only clear rounds of the day in this demanding class, out of 23 entrants. The class was kindly sponsored by Royal Horse, who are market leaders in equine nutrition.


Earlier in the day the David Broome arena was host to the first round qualifier for the Jóvenes Jinetes (Young Riders) and the second qualifier round for the 7yr olds, both classes were set at 1.40m.


The winner of the Jóvenes Jinetes, was Diego Ramos Maneiro with ‘Texas de Trebompe’ and close on his heels was Jorge Sánchez Sánchez with ‘Welle Fier’. In third was Luis Ortiz Agüera with ‘Hvedholsm Cashew’.


Today Álvaro González de Zárate took over from his brother, who won the first round of the 7yr olds yesterday, by winning the second round today in 74.75s. Just behind Álvaro was Hugo Álvarez Amaro, who took second place in 74.78s riding ‘Yax VD Berghoeve’. Third, in just  74.80s was Julio Arias Cuevas with ‘Peanuts Van Baublo’ in this very fast and hotly contested class. After the two qualifiers there are just three combinations who have jumped clear so far in the Championship:  Guillermo González Alonso with ‘Vendetta del Capellán’; Joaquín Tinao with ‘Chipo Lata Z’ y Julio Arias with ‘Peanuts Van Baublo’.


Today we also held the second qualifier for the 6yr olds, Pablo Moralejo Antúnez with ‘Flamenco JGF’, Samuel Oliva Martínez with ‘Kiana de la Chapelle’ and Jorge Bidón Daurella with ‘Good Night du Cedre’ were our podium winners. Jorge Bidón was also the winner of the first qualifier, and so sits in a very good place going in to the Finals, as does Samuel Oliva, who was third in the first round.  The Final for the 6yr olds is tomorrow and should prove to be an exciting climax to this section of the Championships as in total, seven combinations move forward on clear rounds.


In the first qualifier round for the 1.40m Classic (Clásico) championship Luis Ortiz Agüera with ‘Altesse du Domaine’ was the winner, Rubén Gómez Crespo with ‘Allblack de Gressoux’ second and Bidón Daurella was again on the podium this time with ‘Duska’. Carola Pont Vallés with ‘Jitse’, Jesús González Ayarra with ‘Dinard Star Ponthual’ and Xabier Zabaleta Susperregui with ‘Gabber’ were our top three in the 1.30m Classic and, Izaro Martínez Latxaga with ‘Latika de Guemes’, José María Marquiegui with ‘Barnum de Talma’ and Irati Osoro Aldaz with ‘Cavizi Z’ were the top three in the 1.20m. In the 1.10m Rebeca Moreno Mora with ‘Ellen de Maeza’; Verónica Moreno Martínez with ‘Gaviota’ and María del Carmen Prieto Barroso with ‘Athenor Bois Morin’ took the top spots.


These are the main results after a very busy day of competition at the Spanish Showjumping Championships (Campeonatos de España) with all nine categories running simultaneously here at Montenmedio.  This is the first week and starts up the II Andalucía October Tour, which is sponsored by the Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte and co-financed by the European Union.


Tomorrow the 6yr old Young Horse Final will take place and the second qualifying rounds for the Absoluto (Absolute), Jóvenes Jinetes (Young Riders) and Clásico (classic) in all four height categories.

06/10/2022   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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