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Today’s winners are ‘Luna van de Zeilhoek’, ‘Charly Brown G’ and ‘Tisara Quality Cruise’, in 7yo

The new week kicks off with the Young Horse classes for the five, six and seven year olds, here at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour

Today we started up the 5th week of the XXIX Andalucía Sunshine Tour, which is sponsored by the ‘Consejería de Turismo, Cultura y Deporte’ and co-financed by the European Union.


Belgian rider, Kevin Gielen was the winner of the first 7yr old class here today. He was riding  ‘Luna van de Zeilhoek’ (‘Dior van Berkenbroeck’ x ‘Nabab de Reve’) in this 2Ph Sp, 1.30 class, and finished in a time of 28.49s. In second place in 29.65s, was Hungarian rider, Peter Szuhai with ‘For Dilando PS’ (‘For Pleasure’ x ‘Chacco Blue’), just in front of Kendra Claricia Brinkop, for Germany, with ‘Quercus van den Ouede Eik’ (‘Jenson Van’t Meulenhof’ x ‘Darco’). Fourth was Italian rider, Nicol Vaerini with ‘CC United’ (‘Untouchable 27’ x ‘Equest Carnute’) and in fifth the British rider, Chloe Winchester with ‘Goldenly de Melandrie’ (‘Type Top du Monteil’ x ‘Idem de B’Neville*HN’).


The other 7yr old class had a tie for first, with both the Bulgarian, Konstantin E. Van Damme on ‘Charly Brown G’ (‘Congress 4’ x ‘Quidam’s Rubin’) and Chloe Winchester with ‘Tisara Quality Cruise’ finishing the second phase in just 28.39s.

In third place was Sofía Westborg for Sweden with ‘Rapunzel’ (‘Indret del Maset’); fourth was German rider, Geraldine Lüthje with ‘Comme Ci’ (‘Comme Il Faut 5’ x ‘Ibisco XX’) and in fifth was another British rider,Nicole Lockhead Anderson with ‘Conthargo PS’ (‘Conthargos’ x ‘Centadel’).


Once again, in the first 6yr old class, the Brazilian rider,  Katty King was on top of the podium. Her horse ‘Ronermus van het Weyenshof’ has not had a pole down in its last 5 classes and hasn’t been off of the podium! Second was British, Ronnie Jones with ‘Conradoc II Proosthof Z’ and third Geraldine Lüthje for Germany with ‘Quick Lady 22’.

Winning the second class was British, Elliott Dowler with ‘Centivetto PS’. In second was

Italian, Andrea Pino with ‘Make A Pleasure TL’ and in third, Swedish Antonia Andersson with ‘Zoe Heart’.


The 5yr olds had FnoT classes today; 77 jumped in the two classes with 60 going clear.


Tomorrow we continue with the young horses; jumping starts at 10:00 and the 5yr olds will have a 2PhSp class. Thursday is the last day for the young horses this week, with the addition of an 8yr old class  and the new CSI4* and CSI1* will begin.

07/03/2023   by Sunshinetour News , Press releases

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